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Montreal Events: WIAIH summer registration

Even if it is cold outside, it is time to start thinking about What your children are going to do this summer. I wanted to let you know that registration  for the WIAIH summer camps and clubs is opening Feb 12 to the 21st by mail only. Attached is the description of services along with the sign up sheet
There are activities for children and adults. Hurry to get your spot.



Free Parenting Workshop Starting In March

I am really excited to announce that on Thursday March 17th, I will host a free parenting workshop. They will happen every third Thursday at Grace Church in Verdun Starting at 7pm. We will cover many important topics around child development to help parents gain understanding and perspective about raising their children.

Hope to see you there

Click on the flyer below for details about the event.

workshop flyer - edited copy

Autism funding from B.C. government for parent based treatment

After finding out about the new initiative and funding in BC I am compelled to break my hiatus from updating my site.
I have been in private practice for a while now, working with hundreds of families and two of the largest complaints of Quebecer’s with a child on the spectrum is:
1. Long waiting lists for publicly funded treatments.
2. Treatments are limited and chosen by the government.

Most of the families I have worked with do not want to go the traditional route, preferring instead to invest into more options for services not currently made available through the government. Parents do not always want to send their child to professionals.
What they do want is to be empowered to make the best decisions for their child and family. They want the government’s help in better understanding their child and how they as the parent can improve their situation.

With the announcement on Monday that the B.C. government has allocated 3 million to fund a new initiative on parent coaching intervention, parents who want to do RDI will not only get funding for it but more importantly, the importance of Parent Coaching Interventions is shown to be of value.

Unfortunately Autism is still on the rise, however, this news from BC shows that people are starting to see the connection between parent child relationships and brain development. Lets take some cues form BC and start moving this way here in Quebec.

Social Referencing In Typical Child Development

It has been my experience that in the world of autism, we tend to focus on language and disregard communication. What some people fail to see is that if we gain language without the ability to communicate we will not be sharing much. Communication is more than talking. It’s more than words. Dynamic communication is about experience sharing.

Below is great example of referencing and experience sharing!