In 1992, I began working as a shadow in a special needs school. The experience had a profound impact on me and I soon became interested in exploring new avenues in the field of social services. As I pursued my education in this field, I worked with psychiatric patients, the visually impaired, the physically challenged, geriatrics, people with a drug addiction, and at-risk youth. Upon completion of my Masters degree in 2000 I knew that I wanted to work primarily with families. I became specialized in child development. As a therapist, I worked at a trauma clinic and for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services and in youth protection. I have also worked as a director of a (CPE) day-care.

In 2005, I opened my private practice. Working so closely with special needs children and their families culminated in my discovery of RDI®, a program that helps not only the individual with autism, but the whole family. It guides the parents to be the expert and gives the children the opportunity for a better quality of life. Never in all my years in the helping profession have I seen a program have such an effect in the lives of the entire family.

I hold a DEC in Special Care Counseling and a Masters Degree in Drama Therapy from Concordia University and I have been working in social services for over 13 years.

I am very excited about adding RDI® to my practice. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with your family,

Cindy Coady RDI® CC