Parent Coaching

The impact of autism can be felt throughout the family. Through intervention treatment, it is possible to positively impact your child’s development and offer him or her the opportunity of a richer life experience. Parents are guided to encourage their children to adapt to and cope with change and explore and connect with the world around them. My coaching sessions are dedicated to providing parents with the skills and support they need to start building a better future for their family. I offer a variety of in-house counseling services to provide education, coherence and support for parents and siblings of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

How Is Coaching Implemented

An in-home evaluation is conducted to assess your family’s unique needs. We then work together to develop an action plan. Every family is different and consultations may vary. Topics include autism education, infant development, conflict resolution, decision-making strategies, effective communication skills, and positive discipline.

Meetings typically last one hour, with the families determining the frequency.

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