RDI® Consulting

RDI® (Relationship Development Intervention) is a systematic developmental intervention treatment program designed to address the core deficits of autism. This parent-based program focuses on cognitive and neurological development and derives from the latest research in neurology and autism and developmental psychology.

What Does RDI® Address

RDI® is specifically designed to address the core deficits in autism that impact social communication, relationship development, motivation, critical thinking, abstract language comprehension, problem-solving and executive functioning. RDI® is a powerful step-by-step growth model based on typical development and the most current research by the world’s experts in Autism.

How Is RDI® Implemented

RDI® is a parent-based model whereby the parents are the primary therapists. As the consultant, I provide the parents with the tools, guidance, and support to positively impact their children’s lives.

The RDI® intervention treatment program comprises a 6-month in-home service which consists of a full evaluation, parent education, individual needs consultation and education, bi-weekly consultations and video reviews, ongoing email and/or phone support and access to the RDI® Operation System.

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